Watch This Adorable Kid-Friendly, Puppet-Assisted Version of PUP’s “Kids”

As most of you probably know, the holiday season can be pretty unpredictable at times. From the always-changing weather, whacky hand-knitted sweaters to your Grandma Doris buying you that Nicolas Cage Christmas ornament for the second year in a row, you never know what the holidays are going to bring. 

Another unexpected gift we’re all treated to year after year is the delightful holiday-themed music. This year, Canadian punks PUP are helping spread the holiday cheer with their new Christmas version of their Morbid Stuff single “Kids.” 

Performing alongside puppets in festive attire for the Canadian TV program CBC Kids, PUP pulled a 180 with their upbeat track as they swapped out lyrics about a “godless existence” and having “little ambition” for how excited they are for Christmas and whether or not they’ll build a snowman this year.         

To check out the fantastic kid-friendly performance that you’ll be sure to listen to come this time next year, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see PUP out on tour in support of their new album here