Noiseworthy: Here Are The Top 150 Songs Of 2020


We did it, everyone. We somehow someway made it through one of the most grueling years imaginable. It wasn’t easy. We were certainly challenged time and time again, but thankfully, by the skin of our teeth we have finally prevailed. 

2020 is over

To celebrate this huge achievement, which really is an impressive feat, we have constructed an extensive playlist looking back at the finer things of the year. 

We know what you’re thinking: How could there possibly be anything good to come out of 2020? Well, with one quick look at our song selection, you’ll see there were at least 150.

To see which tracks made our list of the Top 150 Songs of 2020, be sure to look below. And yes, before you give us shit, we picked 150 instead of 100 because we thought you could all use a little extra enjoyment this year. You’re welcome.

Also, if we accidentally picked a song that came out in 2019, keep it to yourself. We don’t care.