We Gave Into Peer Pressure And Made A List Of The Top 100 Songs of 2019


Look, if you would’ve asked us last week if we’d be compiling yet another insane playlist recapping some of our favorite songs released this year, we would have told you no. 

After skimming through the internet these past couple days and seeing nothing but “best of” lists, we would have told you there’s no way in hell we’d be joining the list-a-palooza of 2019. Like really, who cares what your Uncle Phillip thinks is the 50 best places to get a salami sandwich? 

Nonetheless, here we are. Following deep consideration and really just an accident altogether, we have compiled 100 of our favorite songs from 2019.

As much as it pains us to say, it actually was sort of fun making this list looking back at all the amazing songs that were released this year. So with all that said, if “Best Of” lists are your type of thing, please enjoy what we put together below. If you hate the list, please feel free to make your own 100 song playlist (no repeats!) and tweet it to us so we can judge you like you’re judging us right now.

Enjoy and apologies to your Uncle Phillip.