10 Years, 1000 Songs: Here Are A Thousand Of The Best Songs Of The 2010′s


Oh, the 2010′s. Besides having an awkward name for a decade and welcoming in one of the worst presidents in US history (and oh yeah, don’t forget about Global Warming and the seemingly never-ending run of police brutality, school shootings and the attack on women’s rights), the last ten years weren’t all that bad – or were they? 

Saving the political and societal 10-year recap for history books that will most likely be projected from people’s brains come 2029, we instead want to look back at some of the best music released over that era.

With rock and metal taking an inevitable backseat to the likes of hip-hop and pop as far as the mainstream media goes, the 2010′s were still a significant era for alternative music. 

Seeing the release of massive hit records like Pierce The Veil’s Collide With The Sky, Bring Me The Horizon’s That’s The Spirit and A Day To Remember’s Common Courtesy as well as debut albums from bands like Beartooth, PVRIS, Movements, Knocked Loose, Code Orange and I Prevail, 2010-2019 should be an era listeners look back at fondly.    

Working hard to compile the absolute best of the best from the decade that was, The Noise has put together a playlist of the 1000 best songs of the last 10 years – yes, a THOUSAND

Featuring songs from black metal heroes to indie rock newcomers, we were able to include a little bit of everything for you to enjoy. If there’s something we forgot or accidentally included a track from 2009, just get over it. You know how hard it is to make a playlist with 1000 songs?

So without further ado, please enjoy our playlist (which isn’t in any specific order) below. Afterward, if you really feel inclined to tell us what we missed, you can email us WeWontReadThis@BringTheNoise.com.