Best Of 2018: Here Are The 100 Best Songs of The Year


Well everybody, we guess it’s that time of the year – that time where websites like us deliver “hot takes” telling you exactly what the best things of the year are. 

While we’ve desperately tried to avoid this pretentious know-it-all listmaking, (because really, what makes our opinion that much better than yours?) we think this year marks a good time to start. With so many amazing releases and countless jaw-dropping songs, we felt like we had to do something in order to shine a light on some of our favorite tracks.

So without further ado, check out the 100 best songs of 2018 – or at least, as far as we think – below. PS. if you hate the list, please feel free to make your own 100 song playlist (no repeats!) and tweet it to us so we can judge you like you’re judging us right now.