Noise Makers: 36 Artists To Watch In A Warped Tour-Less World

After a bad breakup, people tend to do some interesting things. Some chop their hair off, others binge-watch romantic movies and cry. Us on the other hand, we make playlists.

Now while you might be wondering who could possibly dump a perfect, well-spoken site like us, it’s not really a person, per say. It’s the Vans Warped Tour. 

Okay, okay, so maybe the Vans Warped Tour didn’t “break up” with us, but after calling it quits after 24 years, they sure as shit left us with a ton of heartbreak. 

So what did we do with that heartbreak, you ask? Well, we constructed a playlist of 36 emerging artists who could very well take over our music scene one day.

Why? Becuase we wanted to, that’s why.

To check out the promising young acts we picked as the potential torchbearers for our scene, be sure to look below.