Charly Bliss And Pup Pair Up For New Holiday Tune “It’s Christmas And I Fucking Miss You”

Can we all agree most holiday songs are a little too happy? Like, where are all the Christmas bummer anthems to soundtrack this miserable 2020 holiday season?

Well, looking to add a little more tear and a little less cheer, Charly Bliss and PUP have teamed up for a new holiday classic titled “It’s Christmas And I Fucking Miss You.”

Commenting on the new collaboration, PUP vocalist/guitarist Stefan Babcock said, “I was so excited when Charly Bliss asked me to write a Christmas song with them. I don’t know if I’d be able to write a Christmas song under normal circumstances, but since Christmas is shit this year, seemed like it was right in my wheelhouse!”

As for Charly Bliss, singer Eva Hendricks added: “Our managers have been trying to get us to write a Christmas song for years and we’ve never followed through but we decided that enlisting our friends in PUP would at least make it fun.”

To check out the new track and accompanying music video, be sure to look below.