PUP Share New Single “Rot” From Upcoming EP ‘This Place Sucks Ass’


Awesome news PUP fans! As if you needed new music from the band after last year’s stellar LP Morbid Stuff, the Canadian punk outfit has just announced a brand new EP. 

Aptly titled This Place Sucks Ass, PUP’s new six-track effort is set to hit stores October 23rd via Rise Records. 

Commenting on the forthcoming release, specifically the title, vocalist/guitarist Stefan Babcock said, “It was a thing we used to say as a joke a million times on tour. Literally any city, whether it was Lethbridge, Alberta, or New York City, we’d be like, ‘This place sucks ass.’ We have so much negativity and sometimes it becomes so extreme and ridiculous that we start to find it funny. But at this moment in time, it feels so fucking real. Wherever you are, it sucks ass right now. So, wherever you live, whatever your circumstances, this is an EP about the place you’re from, and the place you’re at now.”

To get a taste of the upcoming record, be sure to check out the band’s new pit-inducing follow up to “Anaphylaxis,” aka “Rot,” below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order This Place Sucks Ass and grab tickets to the band’s upcoming livestream here.



01. Rot
02. Anaphylaxis
03. A.M. 180
04. Nothing Changes
05. Floodgates
06. Edmonton