PUP Just Released The Greatest Music Video Of All Time And If You Dare Disagree With Us You’re Wrong


Warning: If you have shit to do today, like, REALLY important shit, you might want to avoid this article until probably tomorrow. Otherwise, be prepared to lose about 3-4 hours of your day. 

In support of last year’s smashing sophomore release The Dream Is Over, Canadian punks PUP have just released the greatest music video of all time. Seriously, no disrespect to any Micheal Jackson fans reading this right now but PUP’s new video is something that will never be beaten.

After already releasing two music videos starring Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard, an animated portrayal of life out on the road, a video game mash-up arcade-goers have dreamed of, a video shot during a demolition derby and a music video where they beat the living piss out of each other, PUP has just outdone themselves in a major way with their brand new choose-your-own-destiny music video for “Old Wounds.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Similar to the Give Yourself Goosebumps books you used to read when you were a kid, PUP’s new music video lets you choose the fate of all four members Stefan, Steve, Zack and Nestor as they attempt to survive various and quite complexing storylines – which, interestingly enough, were written by the band members themselves. 

“We actually each wrote our own individual storylines,” says frontman Stefan Babcock. “From Steve’s sports obsession to Zack’s weirdo sci-fi brain soup, and Nestor’s unnatural love of pizza to me going off the deep end in the wilderness… this video is pure PUP.”

To witness the 28 different ways to die, the 16 aliens, the 10 beers, the 5 Eastern Conference NBA playoff team references and the only 4 ways to survive the night, be sure to check out the brilliantly put-together, soon-to-be awarded music video directed by the band’s longtime video mastermind Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux below. Afterwards, make sure to grab tickets to see PUP out on tour here