If You Think You Can Handle It, Watch PUP’s Devastating New Music Video For “Sleep In The Heat”


To anybody who’s ever lost a pet, maybe recently, we advise potentially staying away from PUP’s brand new music for “Sleep In The Heat.” As you can probably assume from simple context clues, the new clip starring Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard is a three-minute and 40-second Sarah McLachlan-friendly visual most people have had to watch with tears pouring out of their eyes.          

Why’s that? Well, we’re not going to ruin it. But again, from simple context clues, we think you can start putting the pieces together. Instead of us explaining it though, we’ll let singer/guitarist Stefan Babcock break it down a little bit more: 

“’Sleep In The Heat’ is a song about my chameleon Norman, who passed away while we were writing [The Dream Is Over]. Jeremy [Schaulin-Rioux, director] was the one who thought we should make a video for this song. He has this really weird one-eyed grumpy cat that he loves a lot, and I guess the song got him thinking about what it’s going to be like when she’s gone. Losing a friend is something so many of us have had to deal with, which is why I think this video is so powerful.” 

Babcock continued to add, “Big shoutouts to the little PUPs in this video, too – watching them bond and then say goodbye to that dog is one of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking things I can imagine.  RIP all of our little friends. We miss you.”

So, get the gist? Yes, the video you are about to watch is incredibly heartbreaking and will most likely bring a tear to your eye – unless you’re a monster, that is. To check out the new visual, be sure to look below. Afterwards, if you’ve yet to pick up a copy of The Dream Is Over and/or tickets to see PUP out on tour, head here.     

[via Vulture]