ICYMI: Watch SideOneDummy Rapper Astronautalis Cover SideOneDummy Band PUP


Look, we’re not sure if you guys have caught on to this or not but we’re here to explain something to you. Everyone loves PUP. Honestly, we don’t think we’ve ever met a single person where we asked, “Hey, you. Yeah, you. You like PUP?” and that person responded with “Nah.” You know why? BECUASE IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO NOT LIKE PUP.

Proving our point, take a look at the emcee Astronautalis. The dude is rapper and even he gets down to PUP – that’s not to say rappers can’t like PUP, it’s just not a common instance, you know. Now, yes, of course both Astronautalis and PUP are on the same amazing record label. But still, that doesn’t mean he has to like the band. 

However, going back to our previous statement that “IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO NOT LIKE PUP,” sir Astronautalis quickly understood the power of the Canadian four-piece after hearing their impressive debut LP.  

“Before I signed to SideOneDummy records, I started checking out other bands on their roster,” he explains. “I, being a rapper from Florida and owner of gold teeth, was instantly drawn to the cover of the self-titled PUP album. I played that album front to back, over and over…I was obsessed. Honestly, it had been a long time since I had been that excited by a band with guitars (again, rapper from Florida). Around the same time, PUP released ‘DVP’ on Soundcloud, and I must have listened to it 1000 times. I HATE the Soundcloud app, but I used it nonstop, for days and days… just to listen to that damn song. What I am trying to say is, I fucking love that band, and I fucking love [that] song.” 

See, like we said: IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO NOT LIKE PUP. Now, Astronautalis being the cool guy he is, he actually decided the only way he could truly profess his affection for PUP’s pulsating track “DVP” was by doing his very own rendition.  

“While we were all on the road together, I got my friend Bird Peterson to rework the music into a grimy ass beat, Fadeaway Jumpers added synths and vocals, and then we all fell into the SideOneDummy offices to yell and sweat it out one morning!”

So, there you have it. What’s the moral of the story here? No matter what kind of music you like, IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO NOT LIKE PUP. Oh, and Astronautalis’ cover of PUP – which you can watch below – is pretty rad.