Here’s Your Perfect Metal-Meets-Warped Tour Playlist For Your Three Day Weekend


Listen everybody, before you start throwing a hissy fit about the title of this playlist (”Hey, I’m NOT a kid!” “Gross, Warped Tour.” “Really? Warped Tour’s punk NOT metal.”) you all need to quiet down. 

For way too long now, since the dawn of the very first mosh pit, Warped Tour kids and metal heads have seemingly never gotten along. Whether it’s a punk versus metal thing or a new versus old thing, we think it’s time for it to end.

We mean really people, we don’t know if you’ve noticed but rock music is slowly dying out. Other genres like hip-hop, pop and EDM are kicking the living hell out of rock music – which, sure, none of us what to be a part of the mainstream anyway, but still. 

If rock music is ever going to regain its glory and become a respected part of the music community again, Warped Tour kids need to support metal heads and metal heads need to support Warped Tour kids. It’s that simple. 

You wonder why the Grammys never show the award for Best Metal Performance or the MTV VMAs skip the Best Rock Video category? Well, it’s because they don’t think anyone cares, that’s why.   

So how do we fix this, you ask? It’s easy, we simply start backing one another. No more genre-shaming, no more rolling your eyes at someone else’s favorite band. If somebody you know likes guitar-driven, heavy music in 2017, go give that person a high-five. Otherwise, we’re only going to be seeing a lot more of this.

Now, to help do our part and bring together two separate-yet-similar music fans, we’ve compiled a playlist perfect for the Warped-goers and the rock radio headbangers. It’s time to come together, it’s time to bridge the gap.