Watch Violent Soho Play In Strangers’ Homes For New “Pick It Up Again” Video


To help remind folks that they’re releasing their first new album in over four years, Aussie noisemakers Violent Soho paid a visit to strangers’ living rooms, backyards and doorsteps to perform their latest single “Pick It Up Again.” 

Detailing their new music video where the band went door-to-door to talk all about their new album Everything Is A-OK, vocalist/guitarist Luke Boerdam said, “We came up with the idea joking around – at some point every band member has actually ‘door-knocked’ so we thought it’d be funny to take our record door to door. It feels like there’s such a big disconnect with how we interact with music these days so it was pretty rad to actually play in some people’s houses. I was surprised we didn’t get more slammed doors in our face! Probably the most fun film clip we’ve ever made.”

To check out Violent Soho’s new song and video, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Everything Is A-Ok before it hits stores April 3rd here.

via Brooklyn Vegan