Watch Masked Intruder Detail The Dangers of Live Music In New “First Star Tonight” Music Video

Unless you’re an inconsiderate prick without any sense of humor, there’s a very good chance you, like us, absolutely adore Masked Intruder. (We mean, if you didn’t, why the hell are you reading this anyways?) Whether it’s their love-laced lyrics dripping all throughout their multi-album discography or their Officer Bradford-assisted live sets, Masked Intruder is hands down one of the best bands in the pop-punk community. 

Proving just how incredible they are, the “alleged” criminals themselves just dropped a hilarious brand new music video for their track “First Star Tonight.” Ripped from their 2016 six-track EP Take What I Want, the band’s new clip demonstrates just how dangerous it can be to play a live show.   

“This video is like a public service announcement about the dangers of live music,” explains frontman/guitarist Intruder Blue. “Like, a lot of people don’t realize it, but this shit is risky business. And I’m not talking about Tom Cruise movies. And, if I was talking about Tom Cruise movies, I’d be talking about Legend, cause that shit is THE BOMB. But, I’m not, so whatever. The point is, watch out!”

“We shot this video at The Frequency in Madison Wisconsin, which is where we played our first show ever of all time!” continued the witty vocalist. “The show depicted in this video seems like it would be our last show ever of all time. It’s just a video, though, so chill. No Intruders or cops were harmed in the making, but several pizzas and a lot of booze got fucked up real bad.

“All the actors and extras in the video are fans that responded to an Instagram casting call! Thanks everyone! It was directed by Bobby Makar with assistance from Chris Norman, and we’re stoked on it! Cool!”

To check out the incredibly fun music video from Masked Intruder, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to grab the band’s new EP here.

[via Punktastic]