8 New School Artists To See At Warped Tour 2016


Do you hear that? No, not the rumbling coming from your sleeping Uncle Steve in the basement. Instead, we’re talking out the massive, mosh-pit friendly soundwave slowly approaching your residence. Still confused? We’re talking about the Vans Warped Tour! 

With less than a couple weeks until the annual summer festival kicks off, we’re here to showcase some bands bound to breakout and dominate your Spotify/Apple Music playlists later this year.     

While it may seem like Warped’s lineup this summer boasts a bigger veteran-heavy presence than years passed (including acts like New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Every Time I Die, Sum 41, Pepper, Yellowcard and plenty more), after taking a closer look, there’s actually a pretty decent amount of up-and-coming acts as well.   

So today, as promised, we’re going to be highlighting some of those newer bands. After checking out the eight new school artists you must see at Warped Tour 2016, be sure to pick up tickets here if you haven’t already.       

Masked Intruder

Even though this band may not technically be “new” per say, Masked Intruder will definitely be new to a lot of Warped Tour fans. Previously making their bread and butter playing with more Fat Wreck Chords-type artists, everybody’s favorite pop-punk criminals will be taking their fun-loving tunes out on Warped all summer long for the very first time. And for those nervous about seeing a bunch of alleged lawbreakers on stage, do not fear, we hear Officer Bradford will be supervising from backstage.   

Warped Quote From Masked Intruder Vocalist/Guitarist Intruder Blue: “We’re super excited for Warped Tour! We figure, with all the people that come out to the shows everyday, we can probably steal TONS of shit. Which is really great cause, as they say, you can never have too much stolen shit. That’s especially true for cash, since you don’t have to sell it for money. Cause it’s already money. Also, we’re looking forward to hanging with our buddies in Teenage Bottlerocket and Less Than Jake, and of course to meeting a bunch of cool people and making new friends. And obviously playing too. Cool!”

Old Wounds

Just in case your face isn’t feeling fully melted off from the blazing summer heat and the massive dose of guitar riffs blaring from various Warped stages, New Jersey hardcore outfit Old Wounds will be around to take care of business. Seriously, entering their pit at the Full Sail University Stage might just be the last decision you make, so be careful out there.       

Warped Quote from Old Wounds Drummer Brandon Gallagher: “This is the first Warped Tour we’ve ever done and we’re pretty excited to do it. It’s a cool feeling knowing that we’re going to be spending the summer with some great bands like Every Time I Die, Cruel Hand and New Found Glory. It’s also awesome that we’re going to meet a bunch of new bands that we haven’t had the chance to play with yet like Motionless In White. Our stage is pretty rad too. Capsize is about to drop an incredible new record and I’m super stoked to check out Safe to Say. Also, anyone reading this attending Warped, feel free to bring us sunscreen. We’re going to need it.”

Safe To Say

Supplying vibes similar to the sounds of Warped Tour OG’s Brand New and Thrice, Ontario’s Safe To Say is a definite must-see this summer. If and when you reach a peak of needing to escape the non-stop barrage of metal from the Monster Energy Stage, we strongly recommend chilling out with this SideOneDummy outfit.    

Warped Quote from Safe To Say Guitarist Cory Bergeron: “We’re not sure yet what to expect from Warped Tour, but if it’s anything like what we’ve heard it’ll be a hectic, sweaty and intense ride. Can’t wait to rip a gig to new people every day and share a bus with ten dudes for two months." 

Silent Planet

Challenging listeners to think and react accordingly to the powerful messages they provide in their music, Silent Planet is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the hardcore/metal genre. We promise you, after seeing this LA-based act this summer, you will without-a-doubt be a changed individual. Don’t believe us? Feel free to watch their video for “Panic Room” above.  

Warped Quote from Vocalist Garrett Russell: "Honestly, there is a little-known fact about Warped Tour that has us most excited for this summer: They raise millions of dollars to support charitable causes which includes, but is not limited to, homeless shelters, programs encouraging arts for underprivileged youth, anti-bullying awareness and many more important causes. It’s an honor to participate with a festival which is so closely aligned with the message and desire of our band. Also, Mitch (he kinda has red hair) is going to get crazy sunburnt - it’ll be hilarious - we’ll be rushing to the ER for sure.”

Hail The Sun

Out promoting their forthcoming record Culture Scars, NorCal shredders Hail The Sun will be a real treat to watch this summer. Visually, seeing drummer/vocalist Donovan Melero belt out unmatchable cleans while also beating his drums senseless is a memorizing thing to observe. Sonically, hearing the band’s cohesiveness and top-notch musicality – think I The Mighty-meets-Emarosa – is what puts them over the top.     

Warped Quote from Hail The Sun Drummer/Vocalist Donovan Melero: “We’ve toured tirelessly for seven years always taking the opportunity to play our music for more and more people from bigger and better stages. And in a way, it feels like all our persistence has led directly to this, our "next level” opportunity, our dream come true. Warped Tour is the best stage in the world and we’re going to put on the type of performance we’ve been daydreaming about since we first attended Warped as teenagers (meaning John will probably be eating chili on stage). We’re extremely grateful and excited, and while you may not know our name now, we plan to change that.” 

Like Pacific

Pop-punk newbies Like Pacific have been on a collision course as of late. Dominating whatever stands in their way, these Toronto natives are hellbent on taking their Pure Noise Records sound to the next level. That said, don’t be surprised if you catch their set this summer and immediately fall in love with songs like “Distant” and “Richmond.”     

Warped Quote from Like Pacific Vocalist Jordan Black: “Warped Tour has always been one of those dream festivals for me to play. With such a broad range of music, there’s something for everybody and most of the time you get to experience new bands. Every year a nostalgic headliner blows me away." 

The Interrupters

Look guys, there is no way we will we ever get tired of skanking at the Vans Warped Tour. Seriously. And with this year providing a pretty solid list of ska-friendly artists (Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake), you can bet anything and everything we’ll be making our way over to catch Hellcat Records act The Interrupters to get our dance on. Also, you never know, maybe Rancid’s Tim Armstrong will make a special guest appearance too!     

Warped Quote from Interrupters Guitarist Kevin Bivona: "We all grew up going to Warped every summer. I got the Hellcat Records Give Em The Boot compilation in an Epitaph gift bag one year. If you would have told me back then that I’d be in a band that is signed to Hellcat AND doing Warped Tour, I probably would have gotten instant diarrhea and fainted. It is such an honor for us and we are gonna have the best time this summer!” 

Palaye Royale 

Just in case you were looking for a dose of rock n’ roll this summer – you know, like that stuff your parents probably got down to back in the day – you can find Las Vegas trio Palaye Royale jamming the Full Sail University Stage. Combining influences from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and The Kinks, this Sumerian Records acts will have you feeling all different kinds of nostalgia as they rip into tracks off their upcoming LP Boom Boom Room.      

Warped Quote from Palaye Royale Guitarist/Organist Sebastian Danzig: "As Palaye Royale we are ecstatic to have the opportunity to bring straight forward rock n’ roll back to the scene. Vans Warped Tour has always been a brilliant way for the human connection of fans and bands to stay alive. In our eyes, this summer is going to be better than any summer camp. We are looking forward to debuting our debut album Boom Boom Room on the tour and raising havoc with our friends.