Violent Soho Release Messy New Video For “Viceroy”

Whether it’s playing drums with wooden spoons, taking hits from a volcano vaporizer mid-shoot, completely trashing a video set or having a green screen set up simply as decoration, it’s clear Violent Soho doesn’t give two shits about what makes a “proper” music video. With their usual “do-what-you-want” attitude spilling all throughout their new “Viceroy” video, it’s also clear they couldn’t care less what you think about it either. And that, my friends, is exactly what makes Violent Soho one of the raddest and realest alternative acts around – and probably the reason we’ve streamed the band’s new single just about 419 times. 

Anyways, to join the club of lackluster, unconcerned listeners just looking for a good riff or two to start the weekend off right, you can check out the new clip below. Afterwards, pre-orders for Violent Soho’s new album WACO can be found here.