Track By Track: Explore Alpha Wolf’s Punishing Masterpiece ‘A Quiet Place To Die’


Despite everything going on in the world, 2020 has actually been a pretty productive and kickass year for metalcore music. 

With releases from the likes of Currents, Polaris, Make Them Suffer, The Amity Affliction and lots more, surprisingly, this year hasn’t been a complete and total waste. 

Adding to that list of killer metalcore albums is Australian noisemakers Alpha Wolf and their bruising sophomore LP A Quiet Place To Die.

With 11 ferocious and pissed off tracks, there’s no denying this is the perfect record to turn to when you’re looking to absolutely destroy everything in sight. 

For an exclusive in-depth look into the new face-melter that is A Quiet Place To Die, guitarist Sabian Lynch has teamed up with The Noise to share an insightful track-by-track overview of the entire LP.

To see what he had to say about punishing tracks like “Creep,” “Rot In Pieces” and more, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of the album here.


a quiet place to die

Sabian Lynch: Being the first song on the album we wanted to give the listener a taste of what is to come, it’s a dark song to represent the album overall. A quiet place to die can be perceived as lonely, at peace or however you want to perceive it.


“Creep” is a song outing everyone who preaches something but goes against their own guidelines for self gain. Everyone knows someone that this relates to as its getting way too common. We used to have a guitar intro for this song but felt it hit harder and stronger with vocals as soon as you hit play.

Golden Fate; Isolate

The final installment of our “Golden Fate” series, this touches on the same topic of suicide but this is years on and how it still affects the day-to-day. Somedays its anger and somedays its sorrow but the feeling still lingers. If you listen closely you can hear a sample from “Golden Fate; Water Break” in this song.


There’s a lot of jealousy in humans, a lot of people who don’t think you deserve what you have. This is our STFU anthem plain and simple.

Acid Romance

This is our nu-metal jam that’s about the inability to love as much as you feel you should, self-doubting to the point it’s destructive featuring guest DJ scratches by a guy we found on Twitter that remixed one of our songs and tagged us.

Rot In Pieces

You can’t choose your family, unfortunately. But you can write stupid heavy songs about your disgust and hatred toward them. The first piece of this song was actually written on drums, our drummer sent over some beats he had been jamming and then everything was written on top – something we’d never done before.

bleed 4 you

The soft song you can mosh to. We’ll always push the boundaries of our mosh-metal sub-genre and this time around we’ve delivered a ballad of not being in the same timeline as the one you love, always finding each other at the wrong time. This song almost got deleted plenty of times but ultimately we decided to keep it and we’re glad we did. Once we heard Lizi Blanco’s (The Beautiful Monument) voice fill in the gaps we knew we’d written something special.

Ultra-Violet Violence

This song is about growing up with a brother who suffers from a high case of Epilepsy. Witnessing seizures and nursing my brother to health was normal for me from a young age but for anyone who’s never witnessed a seizure before it can be a very daunting experience. We’re hoping to spread some form of awareness about Epilepsy and seizures in general so that more people know the right procedures to take to help in any case of emergency.

The Mind Bends To A Will Of Its Own

The mind is a crazy thing is it not? We can feel so depressed to the point we know exactly why we’re depressed but choose not to do anything about it. All we want is nothing.

Restricted (R18+)

The true meaning behind this song is that, if you want to hurt a bad person, you’re no better. Yes, there’s horrible people in this world but exacting your own form of justice just puts you in their shoes.

don’t ask…

A lot of the lyrics for this song were written on a train ride to and from different recording sessions. Written about the overhanging shadow that our loved ones constantly bug us about, we know it’s there, it’s with us everyday and we’re always doing what we can to let it go. These things don’t happen overnight but rest assured we’re doing what we can, believe us.