Track By Track: These 12 Anime Characters Detail Brand Of Sacrifice’s Fierce New Album ‘Lifeblood’


Calling all anime and deathcore fans! If you’ve been waiting for a chance to combine your love of Japanese animation and the blood-curdling sounds of deathcore, we have good news for you.  

With just one day left until they unleash their seismic, ear-shattering sophomore LP Lifeblood, we’ve asked anime-fanatics Brand Of Sacrifice to walk us through their brand new record as if each track were a different anime character. 

See, there’s concept records and then there’s what Brand Of Sacrifice is doing with their latest album – an album inspired by and written about popular anime series Berserk

Channeling the show’s main protagonist Guts, otherwise known as the mercenary and branded wanderer “Black Swordsman,” Brand Of Sacrifice are taking deathcore songwriting and bringing it to a whole new level. Which is why, when put to the challenge of labeling each pummeling Lifeblood track as different anime characters, vocalist Kyle Anderson completely crushed it.

To check out which track can be described as Nanachi from Made In Abyss or Clare from Claymore, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Lifeblood here.  


01. “Dawn” - Eren Yaeger from Attack on Titan


This song basically serves as an introduction to the overall themes of the record, much of which is from the perspective of Guts from Berserk. This is summed up by the quote, “Hatred is where you turn when you can’t face your grief.” There’s a parallel between that and something said by Eren Yaeger of Attack on Titan: “If someone tries to take my freedom away… I won’t hesitate to take theirs.” Eren watched as his mother was eaten alive by a Titan, yet he was too weak to do anything about it, so the traumatic experience took over his life and mind, suffocating his heart. After losing everything thanks to these monsters, he truly turned to anger, grief and hatred in a quest for vengeance.

02. Demon King - Bondrewd from Made In Abyss

Bondrewd shares a few characteristics with Emperor Ganishka, on whom this song is based. While the latter is in relentless pursuit of power, Bondrewd is constantly pushing for more knowledge. Both characters do this with complete disregard for the consequences of their actions—morals be damned! Ultimately, their motivations are purely selfish, despite Bondrewd hiding that under the guise of preparation for “whatever will come next.”

03. Animal - Kaiman from Dorohedoro

Kaiman suffers from amnesia, so he can’t remember which magic-user transformed his head into that of a lizard. Eventually, the culprit will get theirs, as he interrogates each by lowering his maw around their head before clamping it shut. It’s earned him the nickname the Magician Killer. Ultimately, he wants to shed his scales and regain his humanity. He will not allow himself to be an animal—literally.

04. Altered Eyes - Nanachi from Made In Abyss

Nanachi is a Hollow or Narehate, which essentially translates to “the shadow of one’s former self.” They have survived the Curse of the Abyss, resulting in extreme deformity. Unlike most Narehate, this one retains their sanity and joins Riko’s search for her mother in the Abyss. This song is about Berserk’s legendary Eclipse and how Guts’ life and mindset were forever altered by the depraved things done to Casca. Nanachi possesses the characteristics of both characters in that complex couple. They’ve witnessed the utmost depravity deep in the Abyss, yet they selflessly join a friend’s quest. Emotionally, Nanachi is closer to Casca, maintaining timid reservation. Nanachi has definitely felt and witnessed the darkest shade of black.

05. Prophecy of The Falcon - Ryo Asuka from Devilman Crybaby


There are many similarities between Ryo and Griffith beyond just being antagonists of their respective series. Both are somewhat reserved and rational, very smart and quick-witted, and essentially above basic human sensitivities. These sensibilities lead both to transcend humanity and become demons. They both realize too late how much they care about the protagonist. Given that this song is about Griffith’s dream and his arrogance shines through, Ryo probably has it saved to his Spotify.

06. Perfect World - SEELE from Neon Genesis Evangelion


This cult organization funded the whole process of the Human Instrumentality Project, the end goal of which is the merging of all human consciousness. To them, this is perfection and the only answer. They need to be the gods of their new perfect world. Though this song is instrumental, I imagined it as the sequel to “Prophecy of the Falcon,” in which Griffith is triumphantly looking over his conquered kingdom. They share the single-mindedness and need for control.

07. Mortal Vessel - Clare from Claymore


A little background here. Yoma are beings that feed on human flesh and blood, yet can shape-shift to covertly live amongst their victims. Clare is a Claymore, which is a half-human, half-Yoma hybrid, who hunts Yoma. She’s actually only quarter Yoma, but we’re not here to split hairs. Her hunt is personal, as a Yoma impersonating her brother killed her parents and one attempted to rape her as a child. Like Guts, darkness is repressed and suppressed to the best of their abilities, but sometimes it comes out. This song serves as a sequel to “Animal” in which Guts is losing control, now combine that with actually being part monster and try to hold the carnality at bay.

08. Foe of the Inhuman - Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica


Like Skull Knight, on whom this song is based, Homura Akemi has murky motivations. She travels through time to prevent Madoka Kaname from accepting Kyubey’s offer to become a Magic Girl. She wants revenge on Kyubey, who obviously does not care about human life, instead just collecting the energy of their souls with zero regard for the dire consequence if a soul-containing gemstone is destroyed. Homura Akemi is steadily losing her mind by having to live through the same event over and over, hoping to change the outcome. This is similar in theme to Berserk’s focus on causality. She will not become a prisoner or be enslaved to a fate she cannot comprehend.

09. Vengeance - Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star


Kenshiro is defeated by a rival martial artist named Shin, who brands the loser with his trademark Seven Scars before kidnapping his fiancée, Yuria. The protagonist prowls the post-apocalyptic wasteland, out for blood. This song focuses on Guts realizing his obsession with revenge isn’t exactly healthy for his mind. Sounds like something Kenshiro could learn, too.

10. Ruin - Yuno Gasai from Mirrai Nikki/Future Diary


This series is a crazy life-or-death battle royale in which cell phones are transformed into diaries that can predict the future. The end goal of the twelve diary holders is to kill the others and succeed Deus Ex Machina as the God of Time and Space. Driven by her obsession with Yukiteru Amano, she will go to any length to protect him, often finding his enemies on the end of her blade. Clearly, Gasai doesn’t agree with the way of the world, similar to how Guts feels about Griffith’s Falconia.

11. Corridor of Dreams - Lelouch from Code Geass


This instrumental interlude is an “aha” moment for Guts, who finally fully comes to terms with his feelings for Casca. There’s a serenity to it, which can also apply to Lelouch, staring out a window after becoming the 99th Emperor of Britannia. Less an “aha” moment and more a turning point, this is when his Zero Requiem initiative ramps into high gear. He will restore peace to the world.

12. Lifeblood - Erwin Smith from Attack on Titan

Erwin Smith was the intelligent and widely-respected 13th commander of the Survey Corps. He finds himself, Levi Ackerman, and what’s left of his men in a dire situation facing the biggest Titan, who is bombarding them with massive rocks. Erwin leads his men on a suicide mission as decoys, so Levi can take out the Titan. This taking control of your own situation could be soundtracked by our song’s rallying cry of “Rise! Up!” It’s a positive song coming from a place of love, and regardless of your feelings on “EruRi,” there was love there, even if it’s purely platonic.