Track By Track: Uncover The Dynamic Prowess Of Superlove’s Sensational Self-Titled EP


Forward-thinking creativity needs to be appreciated and rewarded, especially in our scene. Too often, bands are stuck in a rut emulating forgettable trends rather than taking risks and creating something truly distinct. 

UK newcomers Superlove don’t seem to have this problem. With today’s release of their debut, self-titled EP, the talented three-piece are ready to show off their infectious smorgasbord of arena-worthy rock music. 

Featuring face-melting, guitar-heavy tracks like “I LOVE IT” and “THINK ABT U” mixed with noise pop anthems such as “LIFE IS GREAT” and “UNTOUCHABLE,” Superlove are certainly not afraid to blend genres while also flexing their musical expertise.   

Diving deeper into their killer new release, the Rude Records act has teamed up with The Noise to share an insightful and exclusive track-by-track overview of the entire EP.

To see what the band had to say about one of the best breakout records of the year, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of Superlove here.



We wrote “I Love It” in 2018 and we’ve played it at all of our shows to date, so people should know this one! It’s the perfect track to start the EP as it was the first song to come together after our first five singles. It’s also pretty much a straight up rock song, so you can’t go wrong having it open the EP. 


This song definitely showcases the light and pop-driven sound of Superlove! We’re honestly so excited for people to hear this one. It will be brand new to people too as we haven’t played it on tour. It’s simply just about finding someone who makes life great and brings everyday happiness. 


This definitely has our heaviest moments as a band so far and some of our softest. It’s 100% all encompassing of our sound at the moment. If there’s one song people should listen to by us it’s this one. It [definitely] has a big sing along ~vibe~ in the chorus so we can’t wait to play this one live with people getting to know the lyrics.


This track was born out of just playing around during practice. Jon has had these chords laying around for ages and the vocal melody and lyrics over the top just stuck from that first mess around. We called it “Bruce” after Jon’s old dog. We dedicated it to him as a one-off at our first show and the title was just born from that. 


“Untouchable” has been our personal favorite song for a while now. To have it as the last single was perfect as it just has all the moments we were building towards with all of our songs to date. We have ended with this song on all of our tours; it just has a great feeling of release and it’s so uplifting, so naturally it had to conclude the EP.