Take A Seat On The Chill Out Train And Vibe To Violent Soho’s New Video For “So Sentimental”

Look everybody, we get it: Mondays suck. Even if your one of the lucky youngsters out on summer vacation right now, Mondays still have that lingering level of lame that hovers over you like a creepy stranger fart. No really, it’s true!

However, like a personal mini handheld fan (with or without the misting option), Australia’s Violent Soho is here to chill things out and completely blow away all things shitty (including those farts – okay, that might be crossing the line).

Anyway, off their latest album WACO, the alternative four-piece has just dropped their laid-back music video for “So Sentimental.” Capturing the usually rowdy crew as they cruise through what we’re assuming to be Australia, you’re able to see how beautiful it truly is in the land down under. 

To check out the clip, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to not only pick up a copy of WACO but also grab tickets to see Violent Soho out on tour with Meat Wave here.