Sworn In Share Dark Hard-Hitting Single “Make It Hurt,” Reveal New Album Details


After weeks of teasing new material all over their social media accounts, the day has finally come: Newly signed Fearless Records act Sworn In has just revealed their brand new album, All Smiles.

Set to be released June 30th, Sworn In’s latest LP will be the band’s highly-anticipated follow-up to 2015′s experimental release The Lover / The Devil. In regards to the new record, frontman Tyler Dennin recently let The Noise in on how the new album differs from their previous material saying:  

“In comparison to the first two records, [All Smiles] just leads more emotionally on us, both lyrically and musically, and it’s a lot more mature and cohesive. I feel like for the first time we wrote one hundred percent for us and no thoughts of how it’s going to be received by either industry, audience, or anyone. We did us. We let what we wanted to get out and the result really was everything, more than I could’ve hoped it would be. It’s one hundred percent my favorite thing we’ve done.”

As for the lyrics on the upcoming record and how they shy aware from Sworn In’s usual concept record style, “It’s still very self-deprecating,” says Dennin. “But it’s not in a victim kind of role, as it has historically been portrayed [in the band]…I kind of went, not a full 180, but there’s not a direct concept. There are themes, symbols and there’s an overall vibe and the lyrical content all follows a structured path but it’s not telling a direct story. It’s not linear. That’s really all I can say without people hearing it. It speaks for itself.”  

To check out a glimpse of what’s in store from Sworn In’s forthcoming album, be sure to check out their latest single “Make It Hurt” below. Afterwards, album pre-orders can be picked up later tonight here. Also, if you’ve yet to pick up tickets to see Sworn In on the Vans Warped Tour, head here.