Watch Members of I Prevail, Sworn In and The White Noise Relive Their Best, Worst and First Mosh Pit Stories

Aw yes, the mosh pit – also known as Brutal City, USA where only the bravest of the brave enter to unleash their anger and kick some ass. Or, in the case of I Prevail’s Dylan Bowman, separate their shoulder mid-wall of death.  

See, everyone has different experiences when it comes to the pit. While some people experience freedom and bliss, others, well, go so hard they wind up in a hospital. Like we said, some experiences are better than others.  

For that reason, we reached out to some experienced pit-goers and pit-creators like The White Noise, Sworn In and I Prevail to hear some of their best, worst and first mosh pit stories. To check out their hilarious stories, be sure to watch the video above.