Surprise! Hail The Sun Are Releasing A New EP This Friday

In case you’ve literally listened to 2016′s Culture Scars so much that it’s actually left a scar on your body – okay, that might be a bit of a stretch but you know what we mean – progressive rock shredders Hail The Sun have just announced a new suprise EP titled Secret Wars.

Secret Wars is, in essence, a more aggressive extension of Culture Scars,” explains vocalist/drummer Donovan Melero. “Those who have been reading between the lines may have even noticed subtle hints alluding to this new EP in the liner notes for Culture Scars. We came up with this idea during the recording of Culture Scars, so this is something over a year and a half in the making.”

Melero went on to add, ”Secret Wars is meant to acknowledge all those battles that are kept behind closed doors. There may always be a force working against us, by our own chemistry, or by those who supposedly have the public’s best interest in mind.“

To check out the first of five new tracks from Secret Wars, be sure to watch Hail The Sun’s new video for “1109″ below. Afterwards, to pre-order Secret Wars before it drops this Friday, head here. 

1. Repellent
2. 1109
3. Spite
4. Bound
5. Secret Wars