Hear Hail The Sun Explore The Eventual Letdown Of Love With New Single

In anticipation of their upcoming headlining tour with Strawberry Girls, Royal Coda, and VIS, post-hardcore noisemakers Hail The Sun have just unleashed a brand new single.

Centered around the inevitable heartbreak that most relationships bring, Hail The Sun’s newest song “Devastate and Recalibrate” is all about preparing for a bad thing.  

“I’ve done the [traditional love story] before, and I was looking for inspiration,” explains vocalist/drummer Donovan Melero. “And I was thinking, somewhat personally, about a situation that I’ve had where things are going really really well, but I’m thinking, ‘The odds are very good, that you will no longer want to be involved in me. Whether it’s something I do — which is often the cause — or something that happens.’ With this song, in particular, I tried to magnify it. Like, ‘Make sure it stings so bad that I know it’s done. Kill all hope.’”

To check out Hail The Sun’s heartbreaking new single, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see the band out on tour here.

via Kerrang