See Puerto Rican Shredders The Mirage Theory Detail Their Journey To The US In New “Leaving Our Hearts & Minds” Video [Noise Exclusive]


Giving up everything to chase your dreams is never easy, especially when it requires 3,345 miles of travel and relocating to a whole new way of life. However, for Puerto Rican metalcore outfit The Mirage Theory, that’s exactly what it took to get their blossoming careers to the next level as seen in their new video for “Leaving Our Hearts & Minds.”     

“After years of developing our sound, we realized that our vision was going to be limited by our location and in order to grow we needed to move away from our island,” explains drummer Davier Pérez. “We had the chance to tour the US and as we visited many of its cities, we weighed our options and realized that California had the music culture, weather and ideal opportunities for the growth of the band. We decided to follow in the footsteps of other successful artists [and] move towards Los Angeles.”  

“Willing to accept the challenge of leaving everything behind and starting from scratch,” Pérez added, “we bought a one-way ticket towards the City of Dreams. This life-changing decision birthed the concept for ‘Leaving Our Hearts & Minds.’” 

To check out The Mirage Theory’s epic journey from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles and hear their sensational August Burns Red-like single, be sure to watch their new video below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here