Noise Exclusive: Explore The Captivating Mind Of L'exquisite Douleur Via New “I’ll Be Late For My Funeral” Video


If you crave the chance to be transported back to the days of 2006 watching your favorite music videos on Fuse’s Steven’s Untitled Rock Show, look no further than Florida’s L'exquisite Douleur.

Providing angsty, emo-driven songwriting coupled with throwback scene aesthetics, the up-and-coming five-piece is a surefire way to relive your Myspace glory days.

Giving fans a look into that Taste Of Chaos-like energy, today L'exquisite Douleur is teaming up with The Noise to premiere their passionate new video for “I’ll Be Late For My Funeral.”

Commenting on the clip composed by band members Felipe Silva, Damien Douleur, and Aries Douleur, the group shared, “This video is an ode to our youth and growing up dealing with insecurities, trauma, depression, etc. It portrays what we relate to musically and aesthetically, while showcasing the conflict we have with ourselves, our indulgences, and our irresponsibility with our own plans and decisions – irresponsibility we take to the grave; to be late for our own funerals.”

To check out the new music video for “I’ll Be Late For My Funeral,” be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from L'exquisite Douleur, head here.