If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Being as an Ocean

Maybe we’re just generalizing here, but when it comes to most hardcore bands, we can’t think of many who seem very keen on the idea of peaceful protests. Reflecting on the intensity of the common hardcore act, thoughts of anarchy, riots and hostility tend to come to mind. However, with Being as an Ocean, the contrary may be the most fitting.

With a name influenced by the nonviolent anti-war activist, Mahatma Gandhi, it’s no surprise that Being as an Ocean disregard the customary belief of portraying aggression and brutality like a “normal” hardcore outfit. Instead, they offer an atmospheric charge of melodic energy you can’t help but sit back and enjoy. Now, don’t get us wrong, these Alpine, California natives can absolutely shake you around, just not in the way you’d expect.

“L’exquisite Douleur” for example, is an up-tempo track that has its energetic moments. However, the song never fully erupts into chaos like most hardcore groups would choose to do. Instead, Being as an Ocean slow things down to offer the sounds of Michael McGough’s calming clean vocals. Similarly to how Thursday or Thrice would choose to build climactic moments with heartfelt melodies rather than bashing it over your head with barbarous breakdowns, Being as an Ocean follow suite- just in their own way.

In the realm of all things dubbed “hardcore”, Being as an Ocean is definitely viewed a little bit differently. Nonetheless, sometimes doing things differently can be the most “hardcore” thing of all.