Noise Exclusive: Stream The Outspoken New Record From Political UK Punks Harker


For those in the US wondering if politics is a sensitive and stressful topic for others outside the country, just ask UK punk rock act Harker.

For their brand new Wiretap Records release Axiom, the outspoken outfit has put their local government on blast as they stand up against issues they face on a daily basis.

Axiom is a document on the disconnection we feel with the UK’s current political and social climate,” says vocalist/guitarist Mark Boniface. “As we reach the 10th year living under a right-leaning government, we now face challenges of closed borders, increased police occupation, and dirty politics.” 

Boniface adds, “We hope Axiom becomes a blueprint for those wanting to take action against their oppressors – a manifesto towards forming a society where compassion, empathy, and understanding conquers the greed of the elite few.”

If this sounds like something you can get behind – a world run for the betterment of the people – you’re in luck as today The Noise is streaming Harker’s brand new album one day early before it’s officially released. 

To check out all 10 tracks like the fiery “The Beast Must Die” and honest “Adulthood,” be sure to look below. To grab a copy of Axiom, head here