Relive Knocked Loose’s Epic Halloween Set From 2018′s Disease Tour

Knocked Loose fans! Continuing where we left off with Chon, welcome to another installment of our “From The Vault” series.

Let us explain: Looking back at some of the incredible shoots we’ve been a part of over the years – like our 2018 Tour Recap with Beartooth, Knocked Loose and Sylar – we realized we still had some pretty kickass content to share with everyone.

And with things being as strange as they are with no real end in sight, we figured what better time than now to shine a light on some of these hidden gems.

So, in attempt to give you all something to distract from the fucked up world we’re currently living in, we are stoked to unearth some Knocked Loose footage from the band’s 2018 Halloween set in Anaheim, CA.

To check out the epic performance which includes tracks “Oblivion’s Peak,” “All My Friends” and “Billy No Mates,” be sure to watch the video above.