Hear WRISTMEETRAZOR Team Up With Knocked Loose’s Isaac Hale For “Last Tango In Paris”

Looking to top the release of 2019′s debut album Misery Never Forgets, Prosthetic Records act WRISTMEETRAZOR has just revealed plans to drop a brand new record.

Titled Replica Of A Strange Love, the band’s new 12-track effort is set to drop June 11th.

Giving fans a taste of the forthcoming album produced by Knocked Loose’s Issac Hale, the D.C. noisemakers have also shared their new hard-hitting track “Last Tango In Paris.”

Commenting on the song, which also features a guest spot from Hale, vocalist/bassist Justin Fornof says, “‘Last Tango in Paris’ is a song about desire and satisfaction through a nihilistic lens. When writing for the record, it felt important to have a track that emphasizes the futility of complacency. We’ve been excited about this one from the first day we began writing in pre-production and Isaac’s vocals added a lot to the finished product.”

Hale added his own thoughts on the song stating, “I think the coolest part about singing on ‘Tango’ is that I was there for the creation of the song itself. That was a song that we were all so excited about from the very beginning. It covered new ground for the band and we knew it had to be a single. I was asked to sing on it in the spur of the moment, but it made sense because that was our most exciting song we made together.” 

Hale went on to say, “I can’t thank them enough for involving me in the song and featuring me in the video. It’s very sick to be a part of something you’re also a fan of.”

To check out the punishing new track from WRISTMEETRAZOR’s new album, be sure to see below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Misery Never Forgets here. 

01) “Our Distress Entwined”
02) “Last Tango In Paris” (feat. Isaac Hale of Knocked Loose)
03) “Sycophant”
04) “Nietzsche Is Dead”
05) “Love’s Labor’s Lost”
06) “Anemic (The Same Six Words)”
07) “Eyes Of Sulfide”
08) “Dies Iræ”
09) “99 & 44/100”
10) “A Fractured Dovetail Romance”
11) “This Summer’s Sorrow II: Growing Old In The Waiting Place”
12) “All The Way Alive”