Noise Exclusive: What, You Don’t Know Steve.? That’s Fine, Just Listen To Their Rippin New Album ‘You Can Do This, Too’


Hey you, yeah you with the eyeballs reading this article. Do you like having fun? Do you like listening to bitchin’ rad tunes about having fun? Do you like having fun while listening to bitchin’ rad tunes about having fun?

Well if you answered yes to any of the questions above then you came to the right place. If you answered no, then this is for you.  

For all you fun-loving freaks, today The Noise is excited to bring you the exclusive stream of You Can Do This, Too by the one and only steve.

steve., if you’re unfamiliar, is a happy-go-lucky four-piece act out of New Jersey who play infectiously whimsical pop-punk music ala bands like Pkew Pkew Pkew, PUP and Hot Mulligan. 

Talking about their new certified kickass album which serves up tracks like “Officer Inbred,” “Certified Cheese Whiz Banger” and “BDS&M (Beatdown Spaghetti & Meatballs),” the band commented: “You Can Do This, Too is a collection of fun pop tunes that are meant to make ya dance. Everything kinda sucks sometimes, so kick back for seventeen-ish minutes and enjoy, please!” 

Without further ado, we’ll shut up already and let you enjoy steve.’s latest work of art You Can Do This, Too. Afterward, for more from the band, head here