Noise Exclusive: We Were Sharks Call Out “Shameless” Social Media Users In New High-Energy Track


We all know that one person who always goes a little too far when it comes to posting on their social media accounts. Whether it’s excessive selfies, pointless hashtags or unwanted thirst traps (look it up, old people), this person can certainly be classified as “shameless.”   

No, not like the William H. Macy show but instead an attention-seeking, like-needing narcissist who craves the approval of strangers on the World Wide Web. 

Dedicating their newest track to these internet imposters, Canadian noisemakers We Were Sharks have written a high-energy anthem all about people’s willingness to sell out for the taste of online satisfaction.     

Aptly titled “Shameless,” lead vocalist Randy Frobel opened up about the new song saying, “‘Shameless’ is a hard look at how this generation looks for instant gratification and how we are willing to do anything for a quick ‘like.’”

He adds, “‘Shameless’ is about how people are willing to sell their souls for 15 minutes of fame.”

To check out the infectious new track and accompanying music video premiering today on The Noise, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here