Noise Exclusive: Watch Steal The Day Go Claymation For Epic New Music Video


Look, we realize we’re only 16 days into 2020 but we think there’s a chance we’re about to premiere the best music video of the year. We realize that’s a pretty bold statement to make – especially since we just premiered a video with a talking dog – but trust us.

Coming from emerging metalcore outfit Steal The Day, their brand new video for “Identity” is a stunning claymation tale that is guaranteed to leave you in awe.     

Detailing the title track taken from their recently released EP, the band shared, “The song ‘Identity’ is one of our favorites! We even named the EP after it because of how well it correlates with our journey to where we are today – both as individuals and as a band.” 

The Florida act went on to add, “The lyrics detail how a lot of us hide who we really are to fit in or fit someone else’s mold. Regardless of where our viewers/listeners find themselves, this song and video show that it’s never too late to flip the script and do what is right for you.” 

“As for the video,” they added, “we brainstormed a lot of ideas that could tell the story. Ultimately, we came up with this crazy idea to do claymation and our manager helped find the perfect artist to help with the vision. We were skeptical but we liked that the clay would make it possible to tell our story in a creative way that you don’t see in other visual presentations. A huge THANK YOU to Rubén Francisco Rodríguez (IG: @Azkepios). We hope you enjoy it!”

To check out what is sure to be in the running for music video of the year come late December, be sure to check out the jaw-dropping video for “Identity” below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of Steal The Day’s new EP here.