Noise Exclusive: Watch Saint Blonde’s Infectious Live Performance Of “Love Me Instead”


We all know how desperate you are for live music. At this point, it must feel like it’s been five years since you last attended a concert. We get it because we feel the exact same way too. 

Hoping to provide a taste of that live music energy as best as we possibly can, today we’re excited to premiere a brand new performance video from emerging indie rock act Saint Blonde. 

Set to their infectious track “Love Me Instead,” the band’s new video was filmed live at The Rechordium studios in their home state of Texas. 

Talking about the upbeat track which was inspired by a messy relationship, vocalist Hunter Fitch says, “Around the time we wrote this song a close friend was blindsided by a rough breakup. It was a point of conversation for a long time and the circumstances of the situation just kept coming up over and over. I was feeling really bummed that he was feeling hurt.”

Fitch adds, “Whether that was circumstance or direct inspiration is fuzzy - but I remember trying to put myself in the shoes of ‘the other man’ in a situation like that. I just remember being frustrated for my friend and how flippant the people who caused him that pain acted in that situation. We had been working on a few songs that were more up front and raw and the topic seemed to mesh well.” 

To check out the new live performance video from Saint Blonde, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.