Noise Exclusive: Watch Plasma Canvas Choose Not To “Rot” With Mighty New Music Video

If there’s one way to perfectly summarize how to stay motived during quarantine it’s the lyrics to Plasma Canvas’ “Rot” which simply state: “I’ve got a spot to rot in / But not today.”

Sounding like something off a Warped Tour comp circa 2003 (which is a good thing, by the way), Plasma Canvas’ fiery new track is a throwback, punk rock banger built off pure feeling and emotion.

Talking about the passionate new song taken from their recent EP KILLERMAJESTIC, vocalist/guitarist Adrienne Ash says, “‘Rot’ is a song I wrote in a period of intense depression. It was originally going to be a slower song but I felt that it needed some urgency because I didn’t want it to live in that depressive feeling. It was important to me that the song took the time to really dig into those feelings of self-imposed isolation, loneliness and anxiety and really sit with them and feel them fully without succumbing to them.”

Ash added, “I think it’s necessary and healing to allow yourself to feel a broad spectrum of (sometimes intense and painful) emotions rather than bottling it up and pretending to be okay all the time. It was also important that the song not just stay in that hopeless place forever, which is where the one positive line of the song comes in: ‘I’ve got a spot to rot in / But not today.’”

To check out Plasma Canvas’ forceful new song and music video which is premiering exclusively on The Noise, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.