Noise Exclusive: Watch Madre x Mia Keep Their “Head On Straight” With New Psych Ward Murder Mystery Video


In case your Valentines Day wasn’t quite what you expected, don’t worry. Today, The Noise is premiering a brand new song and video from a brand new band we’re sure you’re soon to fall head over heels for. 

Out of San Diego, we proudly present you Madre x Mia – aka an emerging female-fronted four-piece perfect for fans of Tonight Alive and Courage My Love.

Showing off their infectious rock efforts, Madre x Mia is teaming up with The Noise to debut their eye-opening new single “Head On Straight” which, according to vocalist Violet Leon, portrays the struggle everyone has within themselves.    

“[’Head On Straight’] depicts the battle of our inner demons that we all have,” she says. “There’s the version of yourself that you put out then there’s the dark energy, that ghost that makes it much harder for you to keep your head on straight." 

To check out the band’s brilliant new track and accompanying music video which may or may not give you goosebumps (we won’t ruin the ending for you), be sure to look below. To download "Head On Straight,” head here.