Noise Exclusive: Watch Herelies Take It To The Roof For Reflective New Single “Saved”


Have you ever wished you had a rewind button for your life? Not to go back and correct your mistakes, but to simply just remember the better days? See, at times in life, we all go through hardships that make us question why we’re doing the things we do. Whether it’s chasing our dreams as an aspiring musician or fighting to keep a relationship alive, having that rewind button to remind us to keep pushing and striving for better days sure would be nice. 

This dream scenario, according to Herelies vocalist/guitarist Jaxon Moore, was the inspiration behind the LA outfit’s moving new single “Saved.”

“‘Saved’ is a song off of our new album Infinite Light/Dark Divides that our former singer wrote about his own personal experiences with love,” explains Moore. “The way I interpret it is that there are times in our relationships when we wish we could rewind back to the best moments, the flagship moments that define our relationships and why we fell in love when things might not be so great in the present. Our need to relive those experiences in the worst of times is what really resonates with me in this song.”

To check out the band’s moving new track, which is a bit of a softer-sounding single compared to their previously released song “The Broken Mirror,” be sure to look below. Afterward, for more info about the band’s forthcoming album Infinite Light/Dark Divides (due out January 18th), head here