Noise Exclusive: Watch Freddie Dredd’s New Blood-Soaked Music Video For “GTG”


What have you been listening to in quarantine? Hopefully you’ve taken this opportunity at home to expand your horizons and listen to more than your usual pop-punk and metalcore favorites. 

Today, to help broaden your musical tastes, we’re taking a trip to Oshawa, Ontario to introduce you to Canadian rapper/producer Freddie Dredd. 

Known for his numerous viral TikTok hits like “Opaul” and “Cha Cha,” the young-but-accomplished emcee is teaming up with The Noise to premiere his brand new blood-soaked music video for “GTG.”

Looking like something out of Grand Theft Auto or Dexter soundtracked by something Ghostemane and Suicideboys would rap over, “GTG” is the perfect hardcore rap crossover for punk rockers and metalheads.

When asked about the jarring, bass-thumping track, Dredd simply said, “[Producer] Ryan C made me do it.”

To check out the new video, be sure to look below. For more from Freddie Dredd, head here.