Noise Exclusive: Watch Destroy Boys Buck Being Cool With New Outcast Video For “Piedmont”


This shouldn’t come as a surprise but we here at The Noise can sometimes be labeled as outsiders – okay, maybe all the time. Constantly ignoring what’s cool and feeling like we never truly belong because of it, like most of you reading this, we’ve turned to music to help us feel “normal.”

Feeling similar living in Oakland, CA (especially near the rich part of town), Destroy Boys singer Alexia Roditis and her free-spirited bandmates constructed an ode to not fitting in and dedicated it to all the people of Northern Califonia’s affluent suburban city, Piedmont.

Taken from their latest 10-track LP Make Room, as Roditis puts it, Destroy Boys’ vibey four-minute single “Piedmont” serves as a “reflection of being an outsider and wanting in.”

“The people from [Piedmont] have rich people codes - which they very well might not even realize - that are isolating and nerve-racking for [the] not-rich,” says Roditis. “It’s very stressful being scrutinized for codes you don’t know [and] being aware of everything you say.”

Roditis went on to explain Destroy Boys’ new strong-minded music video for “Piedmont” saying, “The video reflects the same feelings [of not fitting in] but through a party. Throughout the video, our characters realize we don’t want to be accepted by these people because it’s fake. We don’t like changing ourselves for other people. ‘Piedmont’ is about meeting a judgmental group and deciding to be who we are instead of conforming to what they want us to be.”

To check out Destroy Boys’ self-reflective and non-conforming video for “Piedmont” which is premiering exclusively on The Noise, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of Make Room and grab tickets to see the band out on tour here.