Noise Exclusive: Watch Behind The Façade Survive An Airbnb From Hell In New “I Don’t Wanna Die (In Ohio)” Video


Photo by: Joe Marte

We don’t know about you but sketchy Airbnbs are not our thing. If we show up to what should be a fabulous 4-star location and it looks like a haunted kidnap center from hell, we’re out. There’s no leaving it for chance because we’re seriously not trying to die in someone else’s home while on vacation. 

Clearly, the same goes for emerging New York pop-punk act Behind The Façade as the band has written a brand new song detailing a risky night spent at an Airbnb in Ohio. 

“This song is about one of our touring experiences,” says vocalist/guitarist  Danielle Minch. “We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb in Ohio but all the locks were on the OUTSIDE of the doors. There was also what looked to be a cell in the basement (or at least the ghost of what used to be a cell). We collectively decided that the host was planning to kidnap us (we were joking, but also 25% not joking…) so we all ended up sharing one bedroom although there were several. We then created this ‘I don’t want to die in this state’ narrative about every place we passed through. The music video specifically brings the Ohio story to life.”

To check out the humorous yet also nightmarish video from Behind The Façade, be sure to look below. To stream the track, head here. For more from the band, click here. Additionally, if you live in the NY area, make sure to attend the band’s video screening party at The Storefront Project later tonight.