Noise Exclusive: Start Up A Bonfire And Stream Arms & Hearts’ Debut Folk Punk LP ‘The Distance Between’


Taking a quick look at the calendar and the dropping temperatures all across the country, it’s clear that the always enjoyable, fall sweater weather has arrived. With this favorable time of year finally upon us, what better way to take it all in than an acoustic-heavy, folk punk record?  

Today, fully embracing the soothing season of bonfires, over-sized hoodies and endless cups of hot cocoa, The Noise is excited to premiere an early stream of Arms & Hearts’ debut album The Distance Between.

Like the perfect balance of Brian Fallon, Chuck Ragan and Cory Wells, the newest offering from British musician Steve Millar is a passion-soaked work of heartbreak and desire.    

Commenting on the emotional nine-track effort, which officially hits streaming services tomorrow, Millar says, “This has been a long time coming, and it’s kind of weird that after two years, and then being unsure on how to release it in such a strange time of existence that it’s finally happening now. Here’s my debut album, The Distance Between.” 

Millar adds, “I’ve put everything I have into it. It’s about where you are and where you want to be and everything in the middle of those two sometimes opposing concepts.” 

“I hope you find something in it for you,” he concludes. “It means everything to me.”

To check out the new record in full, be sure to look below. Afterward, to grab a copy of the new self-released album, head here