Noise Exclusive: Snap Your Neck To In My Silence’s Commanding New Single “Death Walks”


We’re not gonna lie: With everything happening this year, music discovery seems harder than ever. Browsing through YouTube or social feeds tends to lead you down negative news cycles rather than emerging artists you’ve never heard before. 

Today, we’re hoping to help out with that by showcasing up-and-coming metalcore outfit In My Silence and their punishing new single “Death Walks.”

Taken from their upcoming full-length record A World Gone Quiet, the band’s forceful new track tells the story behind the album’s adversary, Death.   

“‘Death Walks’ is a song born of ire and absolute hatred built around some of the most fun and intricate riffing our guitarists have come up with to date,” says frontman Ryan Juergens. “The whole composition serves as the introduction to the main villain in our record’s story – a personified, violent version of the natural force known as ‘Death.’” 

Juergens adds, “The tempo sort of presents an energetic walking pace as the nefarious antagonist roams the earth boasting his excellence and claiming innocent lives at will. His role in the larger story is one of vastly tragic consequences that plays out over the course of this 13 track narrative. It’s a fun, heavy and melodic song to play and we can’t wait to hear what people think about it.” 

To check out the blistering new song, which is sure to get your heart rate going, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order A World Gone Quiet before it hits stores September 25th.