Noise Exclusive: See Regrown Channel ‘That 70′s Show’ For Psychedelic “Cuffed”  Video


If you had the chance to open Pandora’s box, would you? How about opening that Greek artifact while also spoofing one of TV’s finest sitcoms That 70′s Show? Well, for emerging emo outfit Regrown, this was a no-brainer. 

For the band’s comical new clip for their single “Cuffed,” the Unbeaten Records act can be seen getting their Fez and Kelso on while toying with “haunted hocus pocus shit.” 

As for the much more serious song, which can be compared to the likes of Movements and Knuckle Puck, the band says it’s all about finding yourself.

“This is a song about accepting your flaws but not letting them define you,” they explain. “This is a song about losing touch with someone, this is a song about losing touch with yourself too.” 

The New Jersey act added, “Our only hope is that the listener can feel or at least understand how we felt when they listen to it and take the lessons and apply them to their own life.”

To check out the new song taken from Regrown’s upcoming EP Closed Casket Material, be sure to look below. For more from the band, head here