Noise Exclusive: See Electro Rock Act Lowborn Tackle Life’s Tough Decisions With “The Grave”


How do you tell someone you love you don’t exactly agree with some of their poor life choices? This delicate decision, one nobody wants to be a part of, is something that hits very close to home for emerging electro rock act LOWBORN.

Struggling with whether or not to confront this individual or just cut them out of their lives entirely, the band was inspired to construct their latest single “The Grave.”  

Talking about the upbeat but somber new track, vocalist Wes Lauterbach said, “It’s about removing yourself from someone’s life, someone you love but you couldn’t keep watching them go down the dark path they were going down.”

Lauterbach added, “I was watching a friend just make choice after choice that kept pitting them against themselves until I finally couldn’t watch anymore. At some point in the story of these things, all you can do is walk away and pray or send good vibes or whatever it is you do.” 

“The downside,” he says, “is now you just kinda see them around wherever you go. You let them go so you didn’t have to help them dig their own grave and it’s like seeing a zombie or a ghost.” 

“It’s a jarring feeling,” he concludes, “because you’re still concerned for them.”

To check out the honest new song from the North Carolina-based act and its accompanying music video premiering today on The Noise, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from LOWBORN, head here