Noise Exclusive: MissYou Share Compelling Semi-NSFW Visual For “YourBody”


Warning: This video shows quite a bit of skin, so if that’s not your thing, may we suggest checking this out instead.

When’s the last time you watched a music video and immediately felt the need to shower afterward? No, not because you’re sweaty from dancing around and/or headbanging for like 10 straight minutes. We’re talking about a music video that’s so unsettling you need to quickly rinse the eerieness off of you.

Can’t think of any off the top of your head? Well don’t worry as you’re about to feel some type of way about MissYou’s stirring new music video for “YourBody.”

Sounding like something from the movie Swimfan or Cruel Intentions – yes, those are two probably outdated references but oh well, Google it – MissYou’s tantalizing new single tells the story of obsessing over something so much that it begins to interfere with your initial feelings.

“Sometimes going after what you want and believing, in some way, that you deserve it, can destroy everything you loved [about it] to begin with,” explains vocalist and MissYou brainchild, Blaise Beyhan. “The more you care and the more you believe someone or something belongs to you, the more futile your fate.” 

To check out Missyou’s new hair-raising and sexually-charged video, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.