Noise Exclusive: Love Like Fiction Pen A Pop-Punk Ode To Their Inner Circle With “Subject To Change”


Sometimes when you’re in a band and you are feeling low because nothing is going right, it’s important to appreciate those around you. 

The people in your band fighting alongside you should feel like your army, your team, your family. Your bandmates should be the people that no matter what, will always be there for you. 

For Arizona pop-punk act Love Like Fiction, that certainly seems to be the case. As bassist Paul Ritchie explains, the band’s inner camaraderie was what  inspired their brand new upbeat single “Subject To Change.” 

“‘Subject to Change’ was written as a show of infinite gratitude to the members of the band for carrying each other through the good and the bad,” says Ritchie. “This song is also a direct challenge to the voice inside many of us that attempts to bring us down. Pain is temporary and you will always find strength in those that are close to you; never be afraid to reach out to loved ones.” 

Ritchie went on to add, “Keep your head up, keep moving forward and remember we’re all subject to change.”

To check out Love Like Fiction’s uplifting new track premiering exclusively on The Noise, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here