Noise Exclusive: Learn To Slow Things Down With Bakers Eddy’s Celebration Of Laziness “On My Own”


You know when you’re feeling run down and in need of sleep but society tells you to get your lazy ass out of bed? What if you could just give a big fat middle finger to the world and snooze through your responsibilities instead?

Well, this calming and restful idea is actually the subject of inspiration behind the new song from New Zealand-born, Australia-based punks Bakers Eddy. 

Talking about their new FIDLAR and Dune Rats-like track “On My Own,” the outgoing band said, “‘On My Own’ is a celebration of laziness. I’m declaring that I feel uninspired and uninterested and it’s so fine. There’s so much guilt that comes with having off days in a world of 15-second socialites where everyone’s got their own highlight reel. I think it’s totally fine to slow the fuck down and embrace your introvert every once and a while.”

Amen to that!   

To check out Bakers Eddy’s anthemic new track for all the future Ferris Buellers in the world, make sure to lounge around in your pajamas and vibe out to “On My Own” below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.