Noise Exclusive: Learn To Become Your Best Self By Streaming Losing Language’s Passionate LP ‘In Truth & Trust’


What do you get when you combine As Cities Burn, Gatherers and a musician looking to rediscover his voice? Well, you get Losing Language – an upstart post-hardcore act started by former Gatherers guitarist Austin Lipinski. 

Created as an outlet for Lipinski to find what was missing in his life and regain the confidence he once had, Losing Language harkens back to a previous era of post-hardcore music while providing an uplifting message about overcoming life’s obstacles.

Discussing the influence behind Losing Language’s debut eight-track LP In Truth & Trust, Lipinski told The Noise that the album was something he just had to write for the sake of his own sanity.        

In Truth & Trust is an album that pushed me to become the best version of myself. To me, this album is about overcoming and even redefining relationships with people in life that could’ve easily caused you to disconnect from who you strive to become. It’s about maintaining your integrity and to keep moving forward. Not letting others get the best of you and growing into someone who’s comfortable and confident with themselves. Learning how to let some people go, but also how to let others in.” 

Lipinski went on to add, “Hopefully others can relate in one way or another when they listen to the album. When I started writing these songs, I was in a weird place. After the departure from my old band, I felt very isolated and really had no direction in life. I let myself down in so many ways up until that point that I lost the drive to communicate with anyone (hence the band name Losing Language). Then one day, I stopped feeling sorry for myself because I knew that writing music always has to be a part of my life no matter what the situation is. So I pulled myself together, met up with some friends and pumped out this album and I couldn’t be happier than I am right now typing this. So when people listen to this record I hope they can find the courage to bring their issues to the forefront, tackle them head-on and grow from there. That mindset is what really influenced this record – that and my never-ending love for bands like As Cites Burn!” 

For your first taste of Losing Language, be sure to stream the band’s passionate debut album In Truth & Trust below. Afterward, for more from Lipinski and Losing Language, head here