Noise Exclusive: Learn To Accept Broken Relationships With Adventurer’s “Voices Over Infinite Distance”


Over the past 12 months, whether it’s due to difference of opinion or just being unable to physically see each other in person, there’s no doubt you’ve probably had a few friendships come to an end.   

While that’s unfortunately just a part of life in 2021, that doesn’t mean it needs to ruin your entire day. 

Constructing a captivating new song all about the concept of failing relationships and learning to cope with them is post-hardcore act Adventurer. 

Taken from their upcoming LP Pacifica – due out May 24th via Kurt Travis’ Esque Records – the Detroit natives are teaming up with The Noise to share their latest single “Voices Over Infinite Distance.”  

Elaborating on the spirited new song, guitarist/vocalist Steven Christy says, “‘Voices Over Infinite Distance’ is about relationships or friendships that you both know are kind of coming to an end. However, you’re more accepting of it because you are doing your own thing anyway.” 

To check out the new track and accompanying music video directed by Nick Frollo, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Pacifica here.


Pacifica Track List:

01) Voices Over Infinite Distance
02) Telepathy Club
03) This Is Not For You
04) Your Favorite Mistake Ft Andrès
05) Angel Island
06) Vicious Circle
07) Solstice
08) Afterlife Ft Andy Cizek & Cristina Pena
09) Two Tides
10) 210 Cherry St
11) Champagne