Noise Exclusive: Learn A Lesson In Shred Thanks To Flight Club’s New “All Hell” Music Video


With just a couple days until Thanksgiving, have you decided what you’re thankful for this year? For us, it’s simple: We’re thankful for unapologetic shred-heavy rock music that refuses to mold itself to outside trends. 

Take Virginia-based rock act Flight Club and their Alan Day (Four Year Strong) produced track “All Hell,” for example. Like a sonic punch to the face, the band’s Recreational Love single is an uncompromised force of sound that is sure to remind you of past rock legends.     

Detailing the new guitar-led track and how it all came together, plus their new Alex Heider-directed music video, the band told The Noise, “'All Hell’ is the first track we wrote for the [Recreational Love] EP starting back in early 2018. After recording different versions of the song that we felt didn’t do it justice, we brought it to Alan Day who helped us take it to the next level.” 

The band added, “The video is meant to show people who we really are – musicians. We wanted to let the song speak for itself without pushing any ideals, hence the lyric ‘And if you’ve got a little something to give, there’s a hell of a line.’ The song focuses on self-acceptance and reminding yourself to spend your time on things other than what people think of you.”

To check out Flight Club’s new music video for their rippin’ new track, be sure to see below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here